Yippee!  It’s TODAY, my favourite day!! “What, why?!” I hear you ask.

It’s Thursday Surprise Day!

When I was growing up my Dad was paid weekly. In those days an “EFT” took 4 days! His wages were paid in on Friday and only reflected in his account on Tuesday morning. So Tuesday was shopping day for Mom. She always bought us a sweet in the weekly shop and that became known as the Tuesday Surprise! Years later, when Dad was monthly paid Mom kept up the weekly Tuesday surprise. We all knew where the “Tuesday Surprise tin” was (holding the month’s supply) and we never cheated, savouring the surprise on a Tuesday.

But it’s Thursday today, why are you talking about Tuesday?

I love quirky family traditions so when I had a family of my own, of course, the Tuesday Surprise was a given. Trouble is; our kids are only with us from Thursday to Monday, so Tuesday wouldn’t work, hence the evolution of the Thursday Surprise. It has evolved even further to include anything that might be a treat on the day that the kids come home. For us, the real treat is that our kids are home again. What started as my Mom’s weekly shopping treat has become a homecoming ritual for us.

Rituals are important for all families, even more so for blended families

When our littlest jumps in the car and exclaims “it’s Thursday Surprise Day!” it signals the start of our time together. Blended families bring stories and traditions from their separate pasts into one melting pot. Rituals like these are the little things that give our family definition and cohesion and create a sense of belonging. They make up the story of us. As our children grow and move out into their own lives more and more, these quirky “inside” rituals are the things that bring their hearts home and give meaning to the word “family”.

In what “inside” rituals do you find your sense of belonging?

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