I am terribly impatient! The closer things get the more I want to rush them along.  I just get so excited!  When I was a child my parents learned very quickly not to tell me in advance of anything special that was coming up, because I would wind myself up like a spinning top in the run-up, and invariably crash spectacularly on the day!  My Mom says it was sad for her to withhold the information from me, because she loves anticipation and looking forward to things.  My excitement in anticipation was simply too much to handle.

Having mastered the art of keeping the crAzy™ one (me!) calm, my parents went on to have another child who had quite the opposite temperament; if things were sprung on him (which invariably they were since I couldn’t be told in advance), he would go to pieces.  He needed to be prepared in advance, know the outcome so he could get his head around it beforehand.  His anxiety in the face of the unknown was too much to handle.

And yet, for both my brother and I, and for my parents, the future came to us, as planned.

The future seems to do that.

Whether we fret about it by obsessing in excitement, or fret about it by worrying in fear, the future arrives………

Much Love,