Yippee!  It’s TODAY, my favourite day!! “What, why?!” I hear you ask.

It is Half-Day Friday!

Our offices close at 1pm on a Friday. Nobody is allowed to work on a Friday afternoon. As it happens, we also have a ban on after hour’s engagements with clients. Before you panic, we manage client expectations by educating them about hours and our culture and they all get it! Interestingly, it is often a new team member who finds the idea harder to accept; the “good workers work long hours” paradigm is pretty entrenched.

Less work is more!  

Longer hours at work does not equate to higher levels of productivity. In fact, evidence indicates that, like goldfish in a bowl, work expands to fill the time allotted; a concept known as Parkinson’s Law. Not only that, tired people make mistakes. Long working hours lead to health issues from diabetes and heart conditions to depression and anxiety. As for creativity, it cannot flourish in an overworked mind. From a business point of view, enforcing long hours can be a costly mistake.

I like to hire human beings.  

Even if it wasn’t better for business, I would still have Half-Day Fridays. The value of the personal time from a societal perspective must not be underestimated. Extra personal time gives people the opportunity to focus on relationships, parenting, exercise or hobbies. These are all necessary ingredients for human beings to lead fulfilled and happy lives. When even one individual has time to invest in himself and his family, the whole world benefits.

What if you stopped agreeing with your own work-more story?  

Much Love,


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