Yippee!  It’s TODAY, my favourite day!! “What, why?!”, I hear you ask.
It is the first day of my “working” week!

I can’t remember ever hating Mondays, even when I worked in the corporate world. In fact, the idea behind #myfavouriteday comes from the fact that Monday has been my favourite day for a long time. Some people think I am crAzy, others are jealous and wonder how I could feel this way.

The truth is I love what I do and I can’t wait to get going with it!

Monday’s are full of possibility and potential. A new start to a week that could become anything you choose it to become. I use the energy of Monday to sort my mind out and put a needle point focus on the outcomes to be achieved for the week.

Monday is commitment day!  

In our Monday morning meeting, the team sets their commitments for the week. We start by completing with and letting go of the week that passed before and then, on a clean sheet of paper write down exactly what we decide the week will become. Without this ritual, we would certainly not have the direction and purpose that is needed to keep changing the world!

How do you make the most of Monday energy?

Much Love,

Wait, don’t go…I have something else to tell you….

The My Favourite Day Series is a gratitude project.

Gratitude has scientifically proven benefits ranging from stress relief, anxiety management, improved sleep and higher levels of motivation. People who regularly express gratitude are happier, healthier and more effective in their relationships & work. Even more interesting is the fact that it is the act of searching for gratitude that causes the benefits, even if we come up empty-handed in the moment.

Although, I have a long-standing daily gratitude practice; at our evening meal, whoever is present (guests included) is invited to share 3 things they are grateful for in the day, I have upped the ante and set myself the challenge to bring to life the Tao of Pooh encapsulated in this quote from AA Milne’s work.

Is it possible to make ‘Today’ your favourite day every day? I like to think so and I hope to inspire others to see their lives this way with my sharing.

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