Yippee! It’s TODAY, my favourite day!! “What, why?!” I hear you ask.

Because I am living into my passion!

My passion is working 1:1 with clients. When I am coaching the world outside falls away and all that exists is me and the client. All my own troubles evaporate and I am completely emmersed in the session. Sometimes when I leave a session it feels as though I am waking up as my reality creeps into my mind again.

Coaching is as powerful for me as it is for my client.

It is so powerful that if I am having a really rough day coaching will shift my energy completely. I remember a few years ago, the morning after a long term boyfriend broke up with me because he had been unfaithful (more than once!). I had a day full of clients ahead and I can honestly say that without my coaching work, I don’t know how I would have gotten through those first few weeks of heartbreak.

“If Tania is feeling down, give her a client to coach”!

That’s how you know; if the thing you are doing has the power to lift you out of the darkest pit, there is your passion. Do more of that!

What is your passion, and are you living into it?

Much Love,

Wait, don’t go…I have something else to tell you….

For a long time, I ran myself ragged, never feeling fully present to any part of my life. Rushing through my todays, to get to my tomorrows and away from my yesterdays, my life was a blur of traffic, work, school, meals, homework only to start again. If this sounds like your life I can help!

I have found the secrets to working less hard, creating greater abundance and having more time to savour each part of our full and wonderful lives. I have helped more than 300 individuals to successfully shift from barely getting through to cherishing each day of their ideal lives. After completing my 90 day coaching program, “I Choose” they experience lives full of abundance, freedom and joy!

If you are desperate for a change and willing to do what it takes, then let’s talk. Book a no-obligation, free clarity meeting with me and let’s get you back on the path!

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