Yippee!  It’s TODAY, my favourite day!! “What, why?!” I hear you ask.

It’s volunteer day today!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about being part of the Port Alfred parkrun volunteer crew. Over the months I have come to genuinely look forward to my time on the side of the Kowie River with my fellow volunteers and the intrepid park runners. My pleasure at being part of this volunteer body is unexpected; I don’t do large of groups of people!

I am NOT a ‘joiner’

I’ve never been one for joining committees, groups or volunteer societies. It’s not that I am uncharitable, I just don’t like the group thing. Truth be told, I don’t even hang out in groups socially. I enjoy the company of one person at a time. I only signed up to support my daughter, thinking I could inconspicuously hide in the crowd! Life had other plans; she got a job in the USA and I was left having to get over myself.

Life always supports our endeavours

My reticence towards groups is rooted in an introverted temperament combined with underlying self-doubt; a nagging voice that taunts me with my inadequacies, telling me that people aren’t really interested, they are just being polite. It is this that causes me to hide in crowds. Usually, I get away with it yet for some reason in this group I can’t hide. These people don’t seem to notice all of my imagined failings and off-putting foibles, they carry on asking past my prepared go-to answers. Listening when I speak, they express genuine interest in me and despite my self-doubting self, it feels good. Turns out groups may not be so bad!

How has life delivered to you exactly what you need?

Much Love,

Wait, don’t go…I have something else to tell you….

I love to work with successful business owners & entrepreneurs who want to create success in ALL areas of their lives, not just financially. I help these people to grow their businesses and create fulfilment in their personal and family lives. I do this by combining my practical business acumen with my consciousness coaching skills. The result is that my clients find they have more money, more time and greater self-worth!

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