Yippee! It’s TODAY, my favourite day!! “What, why?!” I hear you ask.

It is role change day today.

From Monday morning to Thursday mid-afternoon I inhabit the role of coach, businesswoman and lover. I need only consider my own needs, my business needs and my Lover’s needs. I can keep hours that suit me, eat when I am hungry or exercise when I want to. I get to experience myself being totally self-centred.

I live a double life!  

From Thursday afternoon to Monday morning the Mom role is added to the others. When my step-kids arrive home on Thursday afternoon my primary focus shifts to them and their needs. My diary becomes their diary and my activities fit around their school & extramural activities. My clock works around theirs. I get to experience myself being selfless.

None of us is ever only one thing at a time.  

My life was not always so compartmentalised; I held all the roles all week before my eldest daughter went to boarding school so I know that the art of consciously choosing where to place focus and attention in the face of multiple demands, is not easy to master. Yet, each of us is called to dance in the moment, to move from role to role constantly throughout our day; employee-banker-nurse-chef-parent-partner-friend and back again and again…

What if, somehow, we could slow down and step fully into to each role in the moment?  

Much Love,


Wait; don’t go…I have something else to tell you….

For a long time, I ran myself ragged, never feeling fully present to any part of my life. The balancing act was more like a bad juggling act that at any moment could all come crashing down. If this sounds like you, I can help!  I have found the secrets to working less hard, creating greater abundance and having more time to savour each part of our full and wonderful lives.

If you are desperate for a change and willing to do what it takes, then let’s talk. Book a no-obligation free clarity meeting with me and let’s get you back on the path!

You must act now!

I will soon be closing applications for this year’s 1 : 1 coaching programs. Book a no-obligation free meeting with me and let’s get you going!

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