Yippee!  It’s TODAY, my favourite day!! “What, why?!” I hear you ask.
I am going on a journey today!

Most of my coaching meetings are conducted telephonically or virtually and from time to time my clients come to my office. On Wednesdays however, I take a 65km journey up the escarpment, past pineapple lands and game farms to meet my clients. This is no ordinary commute and I look forward to the drive; it is a delicious slice of time alone with the road and the fields and my thoughts.

The encapsulated environment of my car gives me space to think.

If I chose, I can allow my mind to wander into all sorts of new ideas and creative projects while I admire the beauty of the farmlands I journey past and look for giraffe, zebra and buck. Sometimes I chose to listen to lectures or talks en route and I have even been known to do my singing practice as I am driving!

As with life, my journey is a mixture of fast, slow, stop, go.

Occasionally, I find my journey slowed by a laden, labouring pineapple truck, a barely road-worthy 1990 Toyota hatchback, or even a donkey cart! The poor road conditions in parts mean I daren’t lose concentration, for I may find myself disappearing into a giant pothole as though I were Alice down the rabbit hole. And on my way home along “T-bone Alley” I keep a sharp eye out for wandering cattle; I prefer my steak from the butcher.

When I notice an irritation with an obstacle rising, I take a breath and remind myself that there is always enough time and nothing is worth the risk of hurrying. I return to my thoughts and smile at my silliness.   

What journey will you take today? Are you willing to embrace all parts of it?  

Much Love,

Wait; don’t go…I have something else to tell you….

I’m guessing you made some pretty big New Year resolutions in January which is 8 months ago. If you have not met those goals then it is time to Wake Up and make a choice because there are only 4 months left of the year! Now is the time to get cracking and finish off those goals or you will miss the deadline. Need some help? I can do that for you, but only if you act now because I am closing applications for this year’s 1:1 coaching programs for 2018. If you are serious about closing the year strong, let’s talk.  Book a no-obligation free meeting with me and let’s get you going!

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