Yippee!  It’s TODAY, my favourite day!! “What, why?!”, I hear you ask.
It is my sleep-in day!

I am up around 5am every morning. On Sundays, I have no obligations and I have the luxury of sleeping until I wake up. It is a delicious indulgence I allow myself one a week.

Enjoying little luxuries is part of all important self-care.

Like you, much of my time is spent in give mode; giving to my business needs, to staff, to clients, to my kids, friends, partner…Don’t get me wrong, I love it! I thrive on giving of myself and my talents and passions in service of my BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal), changing the world. Energy expended though, must be replenished in order for us to keep giving. Allowing ourselves to enjoy little luxuries is a wonderful way to restore that balance.

If you really want to make a difference in the lives of others, you must take care of YOU first!

The pre-flight safety briefing cautions us to place our own oxygen masks on before assisting anyone else, including our own child. This horrified me as a new mom until I understood the reasoning; I have to be healthy and strong to care for my child. In order for you to meet those ambitious goals you have and the ideals you have for your family and your spouse, it must start with you being whole and energised.

Self-care doesn’t necessarily involve spending money

It’s the small things that make the biggest difference; one morning a week without an alarm, an hour alone to read a novel, uninterrupted time to spend on a favourite hobby or project. These things communicate to our souls that we believe we are worthy of care and nurturance. Taking this time for ourselves and letting our families know about it also send a strong message to them that we value them enough to give ourselves time & space to recharge.

So, go ahead, indulge yourself with your favourite little luxury today!   

Much Love,

Wait, don’t go…I have something else to tell you….

The My Favourite Day Series is a gratitude project.

Gratitude has scientifically proven benefits ranging from stress relief, anxiety management, improved sleep and higher levels of motivation. People who regularly express gratitude are happier, healthier and more effective in their relationships & work. Even more interesting is the fact that it is the act of searching for gratitude that causes the benefits, even if we come up empty-handed in the moment.

Although, I have a long-standing daily gratitude practice; at our evening meal, whoever is present (guests included) is invited to share 3 things they are grateful for in the day, I have upped the ante and set myself the challenge to bring to life the Tao of Pooh encapsulated in this quote from AA Milne’s work.  

Is it possible to make ‘Today’ your favourite day every day? I like to think so and I hope to inspire others to see their lives this way with my sharing.

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