Yippee!  It’s TODAY, my favourite day!! “What, why?!”, I hear you ask.

It feels like a sunny spring day today!

It is not just because the weather is a bit warmer; there is a change in the quality of the light too. The sun feels stronger, the sky seems bluer, the grass looks greener, flowers seem bloomier and birds sound tweetier! There is a sense of promise, a hint at new things to come. Spring is in the air at last.

Every season brings us a unique gift.

Winter invites us to look inwards, to take time for introspection. It encourages us to rest and recharge, to hibernate. It is a time for us to guard our energy so that when the sun warms the earth again in the springtime we are ready to embrace the new opportunities that lie ahead with full force.

I confess spring is my favourite season of them all!

I feel as though I am waking up to a whole new world full of possibilities. The lengthening days give me a much needed mental and emotional boost. I feel ready to take on the job of changing the world with renewed vigour and a spring in my step!      

What new possibilities lie ahead for you in this spring season?  

Much love, 

Wait, don’t go, there is something else I want to tell you…

The My Favourite Day Series is a gratitude project.

Gratitude has scientifically proven benefits ranging from stress relief, anxiety management, improved sleep and higher levels of motivation. People who regularly express gratitude are happier, healthier and more effective in their relationships & work. Even more interesting is the fact that it is the act of searching for gratitude that causes the benefits, even if we come up empty-handed in the moment.

Although, I have a long-standing daily gratitude practice; at our evening meal, whoever is present (guests included) is invited to share 3 things they are grateful for in the day, I have upped the ante and set myself the challenge to bring to life the Tao of Pooh encapsulated in this quote from AA Milne’s work

Is it possible to make ‘Today’ your favourite day every day? I like to think so and I hope to inspire others to see their lives this way with my sharing.

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