1.My childhood nickname is Tpot

This was my Dad’s name for me. He also called me “T” and for a long time I would bristle if other people used that name for me. Nowadays I see it as a term of connection and affirmation. And of course; I Am Coach T.

2. I struggle with anxiety & depression

This is a cheat, if you follow my blog, you will know this about me. On a daily basis, I use mindfulness, exercise, journaling and diet to manage periods of high anxiety and to stave off the return of the Black Dog. Over the years I have also engaged therapists or coaches whenever I felt stuck in an area of my life. I see therapy & coaching as tools to support growth. The thing is, we don’t know what we don’t know and partnering with an objective outsider is the most elegant and effective way to see what needs to shift and to make the shift. It is one of the most rewarding parts of my role as Coach; seeing an insight light up inside a client and knowing that everything has changed for them.

3. When I was little I wanted to be the first woman Pope.

I was raised as a Catholic, so I met at least one requirement to become the Pope. The matter of gender was a minor issue to overcome. I was sure that I would be able to lead a change such that I could become the first woman Pope. I confess it had not occurred to me that I would have to be a priest before I got there. I was aiming for the top!

A strange thing for a young girl to want, and yet not so strange; I was raised in Ireland, a Catholic country. In those days, the Catholic Church ran everything in Ireland, so from my perspective, the Pope was kind of the head of the world. Even then, I wanted to change the world. I had a burning desire to change attitudes, outlooks and ways of being. I wanted to make things better for people. It seemed like people were being run by constructs that robbed them of their personal power. I wanted to wake things up. I fear I may have been too much for the Catholic Church to handle. So I dodged the priesthood, and became a Coach instead!

4. I’m an introvert.

Yeah, I even had my Dad fooled with this one for a while. I was VERY talkative as a kid, so people assumed I was extroverted. Also, I LOVE public speaking and it has always come naturally to me. If you take a little time to watch how I interact with groups of people though, you will see it there. Many people misunderstand the distinction introvert vs extrovert. The true distinction lies in where one draws energy.  In my case, solitude or time with one other person restores my soul. So, I can talk, a lot, in front of people too, and I do it well. After that though, I need to rest a little with myself.

5. If I could have been anything (besides the first female Pope) I would have been Madonna.

There were two parts to this; I loved to sing and I loved the way Madonna did things Her Way! She was free to be her because she TOOK her freedom and the establishment railed against her. At the same time, she is a talented and hard-working artist; awesome qualities for a young girl to aspire to. Through my teenage years, I sang in choirs and dabbled in voice training. I stopped singing when the university choir wouldn’t let me join because I couldn’t read music. This year, I took up singing lessons again.

Lately, I have become brave enough to record myself singing and play it back to myself. I am thoroughly enjoying the experience of getting to know ‘my voice’ and to be comfortable with it. We are so afraid of our own voices, metaphorically & practically. My singing training is revealing my authentic voice and giving me the confidence to be proud of the sound it makes. Though still a work in progress, I am becoming my ‘Madonna’.

6. There are three unfinished books on my computer (begging for completion).

It pains me to admit this (while I am writing a blog post, not finishing a book). I am all about completion and no clutter, and there, hidden away, are these books, yelling at me, begging to be released.  So I have committed (I’m putting this out there…..) to have at least ONE completed before the end of the year.  That seems like a fitting way to conclude my 10th year as a Coach. I may ask you guys for support with accountability i.e. NAG me about the book…

7. I was so untidy as a kid that I created the “Untidy Club”.

The best part was that I generously bestowed upon my younger brother the title; “Head of the Untidy Club” (Membership -2). He was unimpressed. True, it was an attempt to get him onside so we could avoid a room tidying instruction. In my adolescence, this changed radically and I became one of the most organised people you could meet. Everything in its place and a place for everything! Not much has changed. One of the services I offer is going into people’s homes and offices to declutter their environments. And one of my FAVOURITE talks is the one I give on Clearing Clutter. Drop me a line if you want me to give the talk at your next event, it’s a GOODIE! 

8. My favourite Tarot deck is Inner Child Cards by Isha Lerner.

I am interested in astrology, nameology and oracle cards, including the tarot. There is more to our existence than what can be seen or proven. I don’t consider anything that comes from the cards, or the stars to be the absolute truth. Rather, I approach those messages as a different form of awareness, reminding me to look at things on a deeper level, not just take life at face value. The Inner Child Cards are special cards; they are a joyous take on the Tarot energy and their messages are framed in the archetypes of time-honoured childhood fairy tales.

9. When I am away from the ocean I feel like Heidi did when she was in the city.

Heidi was one of my favourite childhood characters and her experience of needing to see the mountains in order to breathe felt tangible to me. When I was 14 we moved from the coast to Johannesburg; a landlocked city. For 22 years I felt like Heidi and eventually in 2010 returned to the ocean. My family, though they miss me terribly, know that more than a few days inland will find me short of breath and looking for an escape in the middle of the night.

10. I believe it is possible to make abundance consciousness a worldwide reality.

Yes, I am sure this is a tough one to swallow. The way I see it is that abundance is everyone’s birthright. We are not here to live lives of misery and lack. True, circumstances may dictate that some people have more money than others.

Abundance has nothing to with money. Abundance is a state of mind.

It is the willingness to see abundance in everyday life, to find gratitude for small & big things, even unpleasant things. It is found in the generosity of thought, of spirit, of words and deeds. Generosity is not only about gifts, it is also about how we think about others who are different from us, whether that is a difference of faith, race, gender or opinion. Generosity is found in the sincere wish for success for all, even our competitors, for there IS enough to go around.  When we come from abundance consciousness there is no need for greed, hoarding or jealousy. Abundance consciousness sparks collaboration, creativity and a better world for all of us.

How do I propose to make abundance consciousness a world-wide reality?

I am already doing it; my individual and group coaching programs and my talks cause this shift in the minds and hearts of my clients and audiences. One by one I am changing the world, just not in a cassock and zucchetto!

If you are ready to live a life of abundance then reach out; apply for an obligation free Coffee with Coach T meeting and let’s see if you and I would work well together.

I must warn you though, working with me is not for everyone; only people who are truly ready to let go of the old and welcome in new energy will find benefit. If you want things to change while they stay the same, this is probably not for you.