Yippee!  It’s Tuesday, my favourite day of the week!! “What, why?!”, I hear you ask.
It’s Date Night Day of course!
Want to know the BEST part? We don’t limit it to date “night”; Dylan & I make it a whole day affair, from the moment we wake up until we fall asleep hand in hand. Dedicating one day a week just for us to celebrate our relationship is so simple and yet it’s so incredibly powerful. Far from being contrived, it creates excitement and a spark of naughtiness knowing that this is ‘our day’. It is our weekly gift to US because we understand how vital the health of our relationship is to the success of everything else we do. Yes, you could do the same thing!
Before you give me your reasons (aka excuses); date nights do not require money!
There is no need for fancy restaurants and dozens of red roses (although these are very cool!). Simple gestures like putting cell phones away, really listening & sharing your dreams and desires, or feeding your lover from a single plate of snacks on your lounge floor are enough to keep the spark alive and the passion flowing inside your relationship!
The magic of date night comes from putting everything else aside, just for a while, to mindfully steep yourself in one another’s presence.

Dylan and I are on a mission to share the art of the Conscious Relationship with the world. Do you desire a deeper experience of intimate connection in your relationship? Do you long for a rekindling of the flame of passion between you?

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I must warn you though, our relationship retreats are not for everyone; only couples who are truly ready to let go of the old and welcome in new energy will find benefit. If you want things to change while they stay the same, this is probably not for you. Take a look and see for yourself what it’s all about. Then make the decision to transform your relationship into the lifelong journey of exquisite connection and intimacy it was always meant to be.


I should tell you…places ARE limited, so don’t hesitate, make the right decision for your relationship today!