Yesterday was a hot, summery sort of day that turned into a beautiful evening of clear skies and a billion stars. I even commented to a friend that the Easter weekend is going to be kind to our little holiday village with weather like this.

To my surprise, I awoke this morning to lightly falling rain and overcast skies; the kind of day the Irish refer to as a ‘soft day’. No less wonderful than yesterday, simply a complete contrast.

This is the beauty and power of the ‘in-between’ seasons; Autumn and Spring. The long weeks of fabulously hot summer days can leave us feeling a little complacent, settled into a comfort zone of predictability. Autumn’s changeability reminds us to live in the moment, be present to the now, for we do not know what tomorrow will hold. Nothing about life is ever completely predictable.

If there is something to be done, do it today! Tomorrow may very well bring sunny skies and a perfect breeze that have you aching to go and fly a kite on the beach. If today is that day go and fly the kite, for there is no guarantee the moment will present itself ever again.

I wonder, what is your heart aching for you to experience today that you keep putting off to another day…..?

Much love,