The Kowie River; this is one of the views I am treated to daily.  It flows out into the sea through the pier in Port Alfred.  I have become familiar with the rhythms of the river, the tidal changes, its moods, the animals and birds that inhabit its waters and banks at different times of the day.  I am learning to anticipate the conditions down on the beach or the weather that is on its way, by observing the river.

Yet the one thing I have never seen is someone pushing that river down into the ocean, not once, never! 

And still somehow, after it has gone past our houses, around  the bend where I can no longer see it from where I stand, once it has gone through the town, and through the pier walls, it gets there….Sometimes faster, sometimes slower, but it always flows to the ocean, by itself.

This is how it is with life.

When we are in flow with the essence of what we are about, who we are and what we stand for, we too flow easily into the future.  We are able to fulfill our purpose; to nourish and support those who stand upon our banks or travel downstream with us.

When I am authentically in my flow, I need not get overly excited or overly fearful of the future, for I can trust that I am exactly where I am supposed to be, headed exactly where I am designed to go.  And while I may not know the exact conditions of the ocean when I arrive, it matters not, because I will have reached my true destination and fulfilled my true purpose along the way.

I wonder …………. what would need to change for you to be flowing into your future, fulfilling your purpose?

Much love,