Have you ever wondered what it means to “surrender to love”?

To surrender is a choice made from awareness. 

It is a choice to go there even though the reality is that you could get hurt no matter how perfect you try to be.  That is the reality of any relationship even perfect ones till death do they part, that hurts.

So, to surrender to love is to consciously choose to risk yourself because you want to, because the reality of relationships is if you don’t surrender you will still hurt.  In fact the hurt is virtually guaranteed because we live from assumption and taking things personally when we have not surrendered.  Surrender is about you, it is unconditional.  It is not about the other; it is personal, a personal choice, path and journey.

It is a choice to experience the bliss (even if it is temporary) of a self fully surrendered.

I wonder what would happen if we stopped trying to control love and simply surrendered to it…

Much love,