People often ask me how I became a Coach. My previous lives in academia, law and motor vehicle dealerships seem to be complete at odds with this one, Life & Executive Coaching. The answer is so very simple; I am a People Grower. I have a burning desire to grow people!

It all began when I lost my dream job in 2007.

The thing is; I had never intended to have a career in the motor industry. In 1999 when I found myself there, owing to a confluence of circumstances outside of my control, I determined that I would make it to the top of the career path; Dealership Manager.

This would prove to be no mean feat for the youngest manager in the team who also happened to be a woman in a male-dominated industry.  If that weren’t enough of a challenge, I entered the industry through the ‘wrong’ door; traditionally, Dealership Managers rose through the sales ranks. I was in Finance & Admin! Undeterred and crazy enough to believe I could do it, I pushed my way from Finance & Admin into Sales Management and ultimately rose to Dealership Management.

I was appointed on the cusp of the greatest economic crash of our times, September 2007. Within weeks of my appointment, I was called the Managing Director’s home to receive the news; my dealership would be closed at the end of the year.  My first thought was for my team, for all the people who made my dealership what it was.

Throughout my career, I had seen so much potential in people and despite my position, corporate structures and politics often sabotaged my efforts to grow individuals within the system. I became frustrated. I had already begun to search for a way to grow people free from those kinds of constraints. I discovered Coaching, a virtually unheard of as a profession in the South African market and decided that would be my vehicle for as people grower!

Although my MD assured me that he would find another brand for me, I knew I was done. I had achieved the goal I set for myself;  this was the end of the road. With a brand new mortgage, and a child in private schooling who I was raising alone, I walked away from formal employment. I became a full-time people grower.

In 2018, I celebrate 10 years of growing people. Ten years of partnering with people while they grow to their full potential. Ten years of seeing people blossom. Ten years of creating a fulfilling lifestyle; characterised by freedom, creativity and abundance.

10 Years, 2300 Hours, 275 People

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