the purpose of clutter

“What you may not be aware of is that clutter comes into our lives because we want it there.  We keep the clutter with us because it serves a unique purpose for us on a subconscious level” ~ Tania M Adams

going it alone

“If we were supposed to do it all by ourselves we would have been sent to inhabit our own individual planets, just like the Little Prince on his star.”~ Tania M Adams

receiving a “no”

“An honest no thank you is better than being strung along by a client, potential love partner or friend who is too scared to be honest.” ~ Tania M Adams

mind your own business!

“The more time we spend in other people’s business, the less present we have to be to our own lives and all that needs to be done there.”  ~ Tania M Adams

life’s crAzy paradoxes

“Life is at once too short and so long; too short to waste a second living less than a crazy authentic life right now, and long enough to give us time to chart a new course at any point.  Too short not to take a risk on craziness this minute, long enough for us...