words we teach our children

words we teach our children

“I want doesn’t get”… “all good things come to an end”; words we teach our children. Then the youth of today is accused of being unambitious and lethargic. Wouldn’t you be the same if you knew you couldn’t have what you wanted, and even if you could you would...
just decide!

just decide!

Have you ever wondered, about how hard it can be to make a decision? The hardest part about making a decision is overcoming the fear of making a wrong decision, so we make no decision and get stuck.  Happily, there are no wrong decisions! There may be decisions...

receiving a “no”

“An honest no thank you is better than being strung along by a client, potential love partner or friend who is too scared to be honest.” ~ Tania M Adams

a successful business

“Customers of successful operations love doing business with them!   In fact, customers love doing business with them so much that they will come back again and again simply because they enjoy the experience that they have, even when the products sold are...