The No.1 Secret to a Successful Month End

The No.1 Secret to a Successful Month End

Yippee!  It’s TODAY, my favourite day!! “What, why?!”, I hear you ask. It is the last day of the month! The last day of the month comes as a relief for some and a stress point for other people. Salaried employees experience the relief of payday while...
Take A Stand

Take A Stand

The instant you shift from “I have to….” to “I commit to…” is the instant you take back your power! Stuck in “have to”? Overwhelmed with “to-dos? Ready to take back your life? Break free – Apply for your free...

begin with absolute clarity

“Know with absolute clarity what you want then commit to creating it as a reality.  Although it is not yet manifest and regardless of the current prevailing circumstances, serve the commitment with integrity and feed it with faith. Do this, and it shall be yours! ~...

the entire story

“To know what any person, including you, is most committed to, have a look at the results they have.  The results tell the entire story, whether we like it or not.” ~ Tania M Adams

integrity is power

“The higher our general integrity with our commitments, the higher our general ability to function and deliver at our maximum potential” ~ Tania M Adams