the entire story

“To know what any person, including you, is most committed to, have a look at the results they have.  The results tell the entire story, whether we like it or not.” ~ Tania M Adams

self-centeredness, the real virtue

Have you ever wondered what is so wrong with being self-centred? The first time I heard the air-hostess instruct me, in the event of an emergency, to secure my own oxygen mask before helping others, I was horrified.  It provoked in me an involuntary response that had...

a successful business

“Customers of successful operations love doing business with them!   In fact, customers love doing business with them so much that they will come back again and again simply because they enjoy the experience that they have, even when the products sold are...

centred in self

“There is confusion between selfish & self-centred.  To be self-centred is to be, as the word describes, centred in the self; to be authentic, clear and conscious.” ~ Tania M Adams Quote taken from the post selfish vs self-centred. To read the original post...

what they want

“All human beings strive in their own way for just one thing; to be seen and heard, to be relevant” ~ Tania M Adams