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going it alone

“If we were supposed to do it all by ourselves we would have been sent to inhabit our own individual planets, just like the Little Prince on his star.”~ Tania … Continue reading

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The crAzy™ power of coaching

Inertia is the tendency of an object in motion to remain in motion, or an object at rest to remain at rest, unless acted upon by a force.  Described by … Continue reading

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holding on to the past

“Use the awareness of clutter as a signal to show us where we are holding onto something, usually from the past.”~ Tania M Adams

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one step at a time

“When it is hard don’t give up; keep moving, one step at a time and you cannot fail to reach your goal.” ~ Tania M Adams

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a relationship vision

“It is important to both commit to a vision for the relationship and then let it grow into that vision.” ~ Tania M Adams

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winter warbles

Have you ever wondered what to do when you hate winter? Seasons are visible in all aspects of life, not only in the obvious changes in temperature, weather and foliage.  … Continue reading

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the relationship myth

“A relationship is a dynamic partnership, and the myth that a healthy couple always feels elated and excited to be in one another’s company causes much heartache.” ~ Tania M … Continue reading

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a successful business

“Customers of successful operations love doing business with them!   In fact, customers love doing business with them so much that they will come back again and again simply because they … Continue reading

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great companies

“Great companies actively create a culture of service excellence and delivery that draws an ever-increasing pool of new and repeat customers who love to do business with them today and … Continue reading

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make a difference from where you are

“My crAzy™ challenge to you today, regardless of your position, is to commit to one new way of being or acting that will contribute to a culture of excellence within … Continue reading

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endless possibilities

“To experience life through a filter of gratitude sets in motion an energy that brings into our lives the qualities of resilience, joy and wonder at the endless wonderful possibilities … Continue reading

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mind your own business!

“The more time we spend in other people’s business, the less present we have to be to our own lives and all that needs to be done there.”  ~ Tania … Continue reading

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cultivating a habit of Excellence

Imagine being part of a business that grows itself by attracting and retaining new customers consistently into the future.  What would that do for your finances, your career and your … Continue reading

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assumption is the…

“If you really want to know what someone thinks of you, ask.  Otherwise it is all assumption, and we all know the impact of incorrect assumptions…”~Tania M Adams

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not part of the plan

Have you ever wondered how it ended up like this? Do you ever have those days, when you look at your life in bewilderment and can’t quite work out where … Continue reading

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centred in self

“There is confusion between selfish & self-centred.  To be self-centred is to be, as the word describes, centred in the self; to be authentic, clear and conscious.” ~ Tania M … Continue reading

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exercise perseverance

“Exercise perseverance; an unfailing commitment to find a way no matter what that looks like, combined with surrender to absolute faith in the ultimate manifestation of the result.”~Tania M Adams

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joyful anticipation

“To be able to experience gratitude for even the toughest of situations automatically shifts us into a space of joy and anticipation of the endless possibilities that life has to … Continue reading

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what they want

“All human beings strive in their own way for just one thing; to be seen and heard, to be relevant” ~ Tania M Adams

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3 years, and counting!

Today is the last day of my third financial year.  As I look back over the last 3 years, and wonder to myself, “How did I do it?” the Beatles … Continue reading

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