Blackouts are Powerful: How to maximize creativity during power outages


What if power outages were powerful? What if ‘load shedding’ (as it’s known in South Africa) was actually GOOD for us and our businesses? This week’s featured writer, Helen Averbuch certainly thinks it might be the case!

Read her compelling article “Blackouts are Powerful: How to maximise creativity during power outages” and discover how creativity thrives when it is unplugged from the noise of the world.

What I love about Helen is her direct, no-nonsense and practical approach to life.  There is little that gets Helen down and in her world, there is a positive solution for everything. This flavour comes through strongly in her writing. Helen is definitely one of us; a crAzy™ and as you know crAzy™ always wins!

To read this excellent article “Blackouts are Powerful: How to maximize creativity during power outages” click here: Blackouts are Powerful

The Pinata


We get so caught up in the daily grind that we often lose ourselves. We forget who we used to be and the things that made us feel alive. In a world where so much emphasis is placed on the intellect and less on creativity, we risk losing altogether, that part of ourselves that carries the essence of what we are here to do on this planet, what we came to create; our personal legacy for the world. This post captures beautifully a reunion with creativity and the impact it will have on the future.

what if you could stop time whenever you wanted?

Have No Regrets, Embrace Purpose by Building a Life Legacy

One of the biggest conundrums of life is that it is simultaneously so short and so long.  As children life stretches out before us interminably.  School terms go on and on.  As adults there are times the distance from a Monday to Friday seems insurmountable, unless there is an urgent deadline to be met, in which case time flies!  Simultaneously, weekends and holidays slip by in the blink of an eye.  We give birth to a child and stare down the next 18 years of active parenting as though it were a never-ending highway across Siberia.  Suddenly that baby is an adult, a parent themselves and we wonder how that happened so fast.

This is the trick that our minds play on us.  The passing of time and how we experience it is relative.  It changes depending on the context, on our age and on the direction from which we view the passing of time. The consequence of this is that we often believe (or con ourselves) that there is enough time for everything.  Well there is, and there isn’t.

For those who have mastered the art of living consciously, mindfully and intentionally there is.  For those people who understand that the legacy we leave is built in little repetitive steps without us noticing we are doing it, there will be enough time.  For those people life is neither to fast or too slow. It is intentional, full and nourishing, like a good meal where each distinct flavour leaves a memory on the tongue and pallet and satisfies the whole body, not just the hunger pangs.

If you want to live a life like this, where time is neither too fast nor too slow.  A life in which you create a legacy of your choice, consciously, passionately and happily every day then check out my course on how to do just that using a simple 4 step technique.

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stop what you are doing!

"Stop it!" "Stop what?" "You're doing it! I said stop!" "I'm not doing anything! What am I doing?" "You're changing the world!" "No I'm not! Me? Impossible! How can I be changing the world?" "By being in it...." "You are crAzy™!" "Yes I am!"

“Stop it!”
“Stop what?”
“You’re doing it! I said stop!”
“I’m not doing anything! What am I doing?”
“You’re changing the world!”
“No I’m not! Me? Impossible! How can I be changing the world?”
“By being in it….”
“You are crAzy™!”
“Yes I am!”

Do you believe that you change the world?  Can you begin to think of even one way in which this could be true? Each of us changes the world in large and small ways, usually without even being aware of it.  How exciting would it be if you were conscious about the impact you have on the world and worked consistently throughout your life to leave a strong legacy?

Read more  about on how each of us changes the world and leaves a legacy just by being on the planet in my post entitled the legAcy™ process.

life coaching for teens

Stressed-TeenThe life of the average teen today is far busier and more stressful than ever before. Often this is of their own choosing; modern teens are keen to challenge themselves in diverse areas. This ambition can take its toll though, leaving children fraught, exhausted and burnt-out.

The right life coach can be invaluable, empowering the adolescent with skills to deal with stressors, handle multiple roles, complete goals, manage relationships, and have a balanced life.

This article in the Huffington Post reveals the growing trend in the United States for teenagers to make use of life coaches. Teens Turn To Life Coaches To Cope With Pressures.

Click here for a free coaching assessment for your teenager.