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“Life coaching with Tania was meaningful and beneficial and sometimes a little crazy…..But with her kind, compassionate and gentle approach, Tania ensures that you are welcomed and understood and she provides you with life tools to cope with difficult situations and tools to empower yourself and your relationships with others. She allowed me to see things from a different perspective and helped our teenager to navigate through a big transition with grace, dignity and hope for the future.  Tania has a real passion for her work and for her clients’ personal growth. Life coaching is not easy as you have to dig really deep into your inner self, but at the end….Crazy always wins…..Thanks Tania!!” Liezl Hanekom hired Tania as a Parenting/Teen Coach in 2016

“I completed my second round of coaching with Tania last week. Week after week I have sat regularly with her at her table in her home, participating in a remarkable process. Firstly we set up goals for myself which, if I attained them by the end of the coaching course, would indicate the success of the coaching exercise. They were very personal, specific and familiar old “friends”, the hurdles of my life. The thought of actually solving them seemed to me to be, quite honestly, far fetched. However, slowly and steadily Tania made me question my assumptions. Each week she brought her perception, intuition, intelligence and humour to the table. She used a firm hand when necessary, balanced with compassion on the other. She clearly wanted nothing but the best for me and took joy in any progress I made.

Tania encouraged me to carve out a wonderful meaningful Legacy for myself; it is personal, very relevant to me and comes from my own life journey. It is the guiding hand to most of my decisions now and the mental fog of indecision is steadily receding. None of this could have come about without the wise and steady coaching from Tania. By the end of the sessions, we reassessed my original goals and my heart swelled with amazement and gratitude as we ticked each one off! It has been such a privilege to have this lady’s undivided attention for and hour every week. She has made a huge difference in my life.” Sheryl Bradfield, Limestone Hill Farm, hired Tania as Life Coach in 2015/2016

“My confidence has soared since my coaching began with Tania. It’s the hardest thing to face one’s insecurities and Tania gently guided me through this process, for which I shall be forever grateful. From a business perspective, I’ve been able to grow myself, while suffering far less stress from life’s inevitable ‘slights and curve balls’, and assist my staff with investigating their own potential in a non-judgmental manner. The result of my coaching is that I am more motivated and excited and now know, that it is only my own thoughts that were holding me back from reaching my full potential. I would definitely recommend coaching with Tania.” Helen Purdon, Harcourts, Port Alfred hired Tania as a Life/Business Coach in 2015/2016

“Coaching with Tania really helped me deal with various issues that were holding me back in my life and career. While the process of change was difficult at times, Tania provided support throughout and her valuable insight helped me address causes of stress and anxiety.  I can highly recommend coaching with Tania if you value personal development and want to achieve your maximum potential in all areas of life.” Kerry-Lee Pienaar, Sphere Holdings, Johannesburg hired Tania as an Executive Coach in 2015

“Only a few words need to be used to describe coaching sessions with Tania – truly inspiring, life changing and motivational! I truly loved my weekly sessions and always felt energized and ready to go for the week ahead. The insight and opinion provided by Tania were definitely valued and the tools simple yet easy to apply in everyday life”.  Jessica Jones, MIE, Johannesburg hired Tania as an Executive Coach 2015

“I have just finished the 12 session cycle. It’s honestly life changing and well worth it. What you put in is what you get out applies. Technically I have recovered the costs already from new business I have received. Go for it – you will love it!”  Garry Jevons, Owner, IT Solutions Grahamstown hired Tania as an Executive Coach from 2013 to 2014

“I have worked with Tania over several coaching cycles by being mentored, trained and coached to be a more effective, focused and balanced leader of the organization I am privileged to be a part of and lead every day. Tania has also expanded the coaching to my personal and family life  which has yielded a more holistic and balanced way of life with family and friends.” Shane Budd, Finance Director, Merchants A Dimension Data Company, has hired Tania as an Executive Coach and Team Coach from 2009 to 2011

“Life coaching was highly recommended by a close friend. I had no prior coaching experience or expectation at my introductory coaching session – this was quickly rectified by Tania! The coaching process is challenging as it does require you to assess yourself and try to gain and understand and acceptance of yourself, both good and bad. Coaching provided me with a new perspective on everyday actions and decision-making processes. Life coaching was a hugely positive learning experience for me and one I would highly recommend for anyone seeking to challenge themselves in any area of their lives.” Sean Wellen, Enviroil, hired Tania as a Life Coach and Executive Coach in 2010 and 2011

“When life coaching was suggested to me, I felt that I was too busy to add another task to my busy schedule and that it would take up valuable time that I already felt I did not have enough of.  Life coaching has really made me look at myself on both a business and personal level.  I have learnt to prioritize and delegate and am running my department far more effectively and am feeling far less stressed.  I have also re-looked at things that are important to me on a personal level and am making time to do these things.  Many of the answers to your stress/issues are quite simple and things that one knows but having Tania guide me in the process has made me aware of positive solutions and helped me carry them out.”  Michelle Grainger, Retail Portfolio Manager, Finlay & Associates hired Tania as an Executive Coach in 2010

“Tania’s Executive Coaching was practical, relevant and meaningful. She provides you with the tools to cope with a difficult situation and allows you to see things from a different perspective. Tania is organized, efficient and conducts herself in a professional manner at all times.” Lyndsay MacDougall, Marketing Manager, Incredible Connection hired Tania as an Executive Coach in 2010

“The couples classes we had together gave me the opportunity to voice issues I had which I should have done long ago but was afraid to.  Although it did not happen overnight I can with all honesty say that our marriage has made a miraculous turnaround. We are both much more relaxed and give each other space to voice our concerns without going into a rage and not listening to the other as before.  This is going to be a work in progress for many years to come as we both have children from previous relationships which always makes it more difficult.  Should we encounter more pitfalls which we do not know how to handle, I would not hesitate to call you.”  Rita Krupke hired Tania as a Life & Relationship Coach in 2009

I have completed two coaching cycles with Tania Adams in 2009.  Her passion for what she does is very evident and I always felt like I was in great hands during the process.  Tania has a way of standing for her client’s greatness, getting what they are going through and yet still demanding the best from them.  You challenged me to think bigger, be more and overcome my procrastination on my dreams.  I felt inspired after each session with clear steps on how to move forward.  Tania also has a way of really getting to the core of what I was struggling with which lead to me growing leaps and bounds instead of being stuck in the story of my life and my excuses.  On a personal note, Tania has also inspired me to be the best coach that I can be, through experiencing her dedication and passion for her clients.  Thank you very much for being an integral part of my growth and development.  You will always have a special place in my heart.  I can encourage anyone who feels like they are stuck, de-motivated, lacking inspiration and full self-expression, to contact you and to take you on as their ‘partner’ in the coaching process, because you truly stand for your client’s greatness and hold their goals and desires as your vision, as if it were your own.”

I can encourage anyone who feels like they are stuck, de-motivated, lacking inspiration and full self-expression, to contact you and to take you on as their ‘partner’ in the coaching process, because you truly stand for your client’s greatness and hold their goals and desires as your vision, as if it were your own.” Berdine Bronkhorst,  Consciousness Coach, hired Tania as a Life Coach in 2009

“Working with Tania during coaching sessions was both enjoyable and energizing. As a person, Tania has a deep knowledge and understanding of the human condition which she uses with her professional coaching skills; draw out the very best from any committed client that she engages with. The current financial situation is placing great pressure on many people in middle and upper management and I believe that coaching is needed more than ever to assist executives to meet the challenges facing them on a daily basis and to help them deliver on the targets expected of them. I would unreservedly recommend Tania Adams for this role.” May 18, 2009, Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity Mike Adams, Entrepreneur, South Africa  hired Tania as a Business Consultant in 2008

“The thing I liked most working with Tania was her ability to see through my mass of incoherent ideas. Succinctly, she lined the good ones up and discarded the others. It worked. Once she’d helped me rid the clutter, I was easily able to see the obvious career development ahead. Funny enough, it had been there all the time. I took it. And it’s working well for me still.” May 13, 2009, Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative Timothy Neary, Australia hired Tania as a Career Coach in 2008

“Tania has inspired me to attain things that a year ago I did not realise possible. Her coaching has enabled me to set clear and concise goals and see them through from inception to finish with integrity. She’s an organised and insightful person and has a wicked sense of humour! I know that the tools she has taught me will serve me in my life from here on, a testament to her dedication to coaching.” May 14, 2009, Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity Nicola O’Flynn-Madden, South Africa hired Tania as a Life Coach in 2008, and hired Tania more than once

 “Tania is an original and inspirational person who does life coaching work. She has a great sense of humour and is fun to work with.” June 15, 2009, Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative Alison McPhee, Investec, South Africa hired Tania as a Life Coach in 2008