the no.1 reason being a Stepmom rocks (and why I love being Not The Momma)

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When I was a teenager one of my younger sister’s favourite shows was the animated “Dinosaurs”. In particular she loved the baby dinosaur who would cry out “NOT THE MOMMA, NOT THE MOMMA” whenever anyone else tried to attend to him. “NOT THE MOMMA” became a catch phrase in our house for a while. I’d […]


where do I register for a B. Parenting?

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I trained as a lawyer, worked as an accountant, held roles in senior management, ran businesses and lectured at a university. Six years ago, I became an executive and life coach. All the positions I’ve held carried responsibility. My competence (or incompetence) in the role had the potential to impact many people’s lives, finances and […]

The Step-Tween Survival Guide: How to Deal with Life in a Stepfamily

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A well written book with a down-to-earth flavour that uses humour to diffuse what can be an emotionally loaded conversation. Great balance between meeting the Tween and addressing their concerns and needs and acknowledging possible unrealistic expectations or solutions. A book that is best read by step-parents and Tweens in a blended family as the […]