winter warbles

Have you ever wondered what to do when you hate winter?

Seasons are visible in all aspects of life, not only in the obvious changes in temperature, weather and foliage.  Seasons exist in our relationships, our careers, our bodies.
No matter how much we resist them, seasons persist in coming around!

Seasons are a powerful way to embrace different style of energy in our pursuit of completing goals.  Spring brings the energy of new starts, budding.  Summer bears fruit and blossoms.  Autumn is for harvesting and storing what’s needed for winter.  Winter
is about introspection, assessing and gathering energy for the Spring time.

I wonder how much power could be harnessed if we surrendered to the energy of each season as it comes around……

Much love,

not part of the plan

Have you ever wondered how it ended up like this?

Do you ever have those days, when you look at your life in bewilderment and can’t quite work out where you took the wrong turn that brought you to a place in your life that you don’t recognise as ever having been part of the plan?  I know I do!

On those days we have a choice, we can wander around in circles trying to figure out what went wrong, taking it personally and punishing ourselves for getting lost, or we can take stock of where we are, determine what needs to happen in order to get back on track with creating the life we promised ourselves, and start moving forward again leaving the past behind. 

What do you choose?

Much love,

do you really want to know?

Have you ever wondered what other people think of you? 

How many times have you done or not done something after concluding what other people would think or say about you if you did it?  How many times have you done it first and afterwards asked those people what they think of you, requested feedback from them?

If you really want to know what someone thinks of you, ask.  Otherwise it is all assumption, and we all know the impact of incorrect assumptions…

I wonder what would need to happen for you to stop wasting time and energy on assumptions and either ask, or let it go?    

Much love,

seeking attention

Have you ever wondered about people who are constantly looking for attention? 

They can be tiresome and draining.  The best way to deal with them is to ignore them, don’t give them the attention they want, right?  Wrong! 

All human beings, irrespective of age strive in their own way for just one thing; to be seen and heard, to be relevant.  To feel invisible is an infinitely worse punishment than attracting even the most negative kinds of attention.  

I wonder what would happen if we gave relevance to those who have dared to ask so boldly for it? 

Much love,

other people’s lives

Have you ever wondered about other people’s lives? 

It’s tempting to ponder, judge or otherwise become emotionally involved in the decisions others make, their motives, their actions.  It’s tempting to give advice and suggestions, both solicited and unsolicited.  It is enticing because the more time we spend in other people’s business, the less present we have to be to our own lives and all that needs to be done there. 

What I wonder is, who is in your business when you are in someone else’s?

Much love,

being self-centred

Have you ever wondered what is so wrong with being self-centred? 

There is confusion between selfish & self-centred.  To be self-centred is to be, as the word describes, centred in the self; to be authentic, clear and conscious.  If you are not centred in self, then you are off-centre, unbalanced.  Selfishness is egocentric, centred in the ego which is a valuable but small part of the whole self.   Any behaviour, thought or speaking that serves the ego is selfish, off-centre and unbalanced.  

I wonder where you are being selfish and if you dare to become self-centred? 

Much love,

just give up!

Have you ever wondered if there is a time to just give up? 

Persistence is a big buzz word these days; “keep at it, keep holding on, never give up!”  What terrible advice!  Life will not be forced into our way of doing things.  If you are not getting the results; give up! 

Give up the attachment to the outcome, to the way it must be done, to forcing life to conform to your rules.  Instead exercise perseverance; an unfailing commitment to find a way no matter what that looks like, combined with surrender to absolute faith in the ultimate manifestation of the result. 

Where is it time for you to give up?

Much love,

some guys have all the luck

Have you ever wondered why only some people are really lucky?

Good luck is not a freak occurrence, nor is its presence a mystery or a rarity.  Good luck is an everyday occurrence for every person.  We have an expectation of what luck should look like; winning the lottery grand draw or getting that big break.  When luck doesn’t come in that package we simply overlook it, discount it and fail to acknowledge it. 

I challenge you right now to complete the phrase “Today was my lucky day because……” and see what shows up.  Do it every day and be amazed at how lucky you become. 

I wonder how lucky you really were all along… 

Much love,


absolute freedom

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you had absolute freedom?

Here’s the clincher, you do!  However you argue it, the truth is; we all have absolute freedom. It is so absolute that we freely make rules, freely give meaning to rules, freely bind ourselves to some or all or none of them, and freely impose them on another in the name of society. 

Freedom of the human being is an absolute truth.  Ask any oppressor; oppression is at best temporary, never absolute.  

I wonder who you could become if you stepped into your absolute freedom……

Much love,

free will

Have you ever wondered what it means to have “free will”?

So often it feels as though we bound by rules and regulations, enslaved by debt, held to ransom with bills to pay, dictated to by the media, fashion and societal expectations of who to be, how to dress, what to earn, where to live.  Can we really say we have free will? 

To make a commitment is the highest expression of your free will.  The only thing you will ever completely own is your ability to choose and commit to a different outcome.  You are the only person who can make a commitment on your behalf.  No one can take that away from you. 

If you did have free will, what would you commit to today to create life your way….?

Much love,

letting go

Have you ever wondered how it is that sometimes when you invite new into our lives it doesn’t seem to manifest? 

We cannot draw anything new into our lives until we make space for it by letting go of the old.  The “old” may be physical belongings, belief systems, attitudes, emotional wounds or even relationships.  The universe abhors a vacuum so once the space is made….it will be filled!

What do you need to let go of today in order to make space for what you really want….?

 Much love,

positive thinking

Have you ever wondered about the power of positive thinking? 

We have been told by popular literature and self-help books to practise positive thinking to effect changes in our lives.  It doesn’t work! Reciting positive affirmations that, in our heart of hearts, we disbelieve has no power to change anything.   The unconscious thoughts that we do believe hold the real power.  

I wonder about accessing and changing the thoughts that exist below the chatter of “positive thinking”…… 

 Much love,



Have you ever wondered what to do when everything that can be done has been done?

There often comes a time when we are working to change a situation that we have done everything that is reasonably possible and the results aren’t visible yet.  We may feel compelled in that moment to keep doing, even to dig up the seed to make sure it is growing, or to tug on the seedling.

I wonder about power of allowing when all the doing is done…. 

Much love,


Have you ever wondered about the difference between habits and other repetitive behaviours? 

We all have many repetitive behaviours that we engage in every day, most of which we are unaware of, thus we are unaware of the results created in our lives by those habits.

 I wonder about the results caused by a lifetime of unconscious habits.  What results become possible with consciously created habits?

 Much love,