the no.1 reason being a Stepmom rocks (and why I love being Not The Momma)

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When I was a teenager one of my younger sister’s favourite shows was the animated “Dinosaurs”. In particular she loved the baby dinosaur who would cry out “NOT THE MOMMA, NOT THE MOMMA” whenever anyone else tried to attend to him. “NOT THE MOMMA” became a catch phrase in our house for a while. I’d […]


4 Simple Ways to Turn Your Social Networking Inside Out (and why you MUST!)

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When I think of the term ‘inside out’, I remember the day I left the house with my t-shirt on inside-out.  I was 16 at the time and somewhat scatter-brained (not much has changed, these days I have a mental checklist and keep a mirror at the door as a visual cue and contingency plan […]