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joy to the world

“It’s my second holiday season here in Port Alfred as a resident.  In the 9 months that I have lived here I have lived in three very different parts of … Continue reading

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hiding in plain sight

“Do you have vision or just sight and how would you know?“~ Tania M Adams

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how smart are you?

“There is nothing wrong with having an opinion however, the smart person constantly checks his/her opinions to ensure that they are 100%  based in truth and not assumption.” ~ Tania M Adams

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what are you doing?

“Since you will leave a legacy, one way or another, what are you doing muddling along and hoping for the best?  Get cracking!” ~ Tania M Adams

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why bother?

Why bother when everyone else is carrying on regardless? Why bother when it can be so disheartening and downright frustrating? Why bother when nobody else does? It’s true; it takes … Continue reading

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you want success? get crAzy™… be lazy!

I love this little excerpt from  The Lazy Way to Success (how to do nothing and accomplish everything) by Fred Gratzon, it’s completely crAzy™.   To read the excerpt,  click here The Lazy Way to … Continue reading

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A Coach’s Story: revealing insights into life as a professional coach

I am proud to have been a co-author of this book.  A Coach’s Story follows the journeys of 20 diverse coaches, offering insights into the world of coaching from a … Continue reading

September 20, 2012 · 2 Comments

the neuroscience of leadership

The Neuroscience of Leadership by D Rock & J Schwartz I enjoyed this article about the science behind what happens in the brain in the face of change.  It is … Continue reading

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heavy weight champion

“The power of commitment always outweighs circumstantial obstacles to the achievement of a committed goal.”~Tania M Adams

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