are you reaCting or Creating?

“Living in reaction is to inhabit a victim energy space, whereas to live in creation is to inhabit the energy of commitment, action and accountability for results.”~Tania M Adams

life’s crAzy paradoxes

“Life is at once too short and so long; too short to waste a second living less than a crazy authentic life right now, and long enough to give us time to chart a new course at any point.  Too short not to take a risk on craziness this minute, long enough for us...

get crAzy!

“In the beginning, it takes courage to start living a crazy life, living your life for you. In the end, it becomes impossible to live any other way!”~ Tania M Adams

what happened to free will?

“I guess there is a confusion with the word commitment. For me a commitment is the absolute demonstration of my free will. I am the only person who can make a commitment on my behalf. I think sometimes people regard the word as being forced into something when it is...