Does life coaching really work?- 3 ingredients for successful coaching

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If you are reading this then you may be pondering how to earn more money, upscale your small business, lose weight, find the ideal relationship or simply get your mojo back and wondered if coaching can help. Whatever the aspect of your life that needs improving, you need to know whether coaching is the right tool for you! Am I right?

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The success of a coaching intervention is usually determined by the results achieved (or not achieved) by the end of a series of coaching sessions. In order for a coaching intervention to be successful a few ingredients are required;

  1. A Coach

This may sound trite however an important distinction must be drawn between a coach, a counsellor, a mentor or an advisor.  The latter do not coach, they advise or help (for more on this see what is a life coach?). A coach uses questions to support the client to find the most appropriate and accurate solution for themselves, never assuming for a moment that they know the answer for their client. The answer found by the client for the client, is always more powerful and effective that one supplied from the outside.

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  1. A burning desire for change and growth

A mentor or counsellor can tell you what behaviours to change, however once the work is complete, there is no guarantee that you will be able to sustain the new behaviour set. True coaching invites you to search inside and grow as a person. It is only by growing as a person, that your conscious & unconscious behaviours will change, enabling you to achieve different results, in an easier and more effortless manner.

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  1. A commitment to stick with the journey even if it gets tough

Changing who you have been for decades is not easy to do. Your identity will resist, it may kick and scream and you may be encounter obstacles along the way. In order to get past these challenges, a steadfast, unshakeable commitment to a different way of living, a new way of being and to different results is an absolute necessity.

If you are ready and willing to change your life for the better, then coaching can work! If you are ready to kick that small business of yours into the next gear, if you are determined to get back your  self-confidence, or lose some weight, if you are already looking for a new way to do things but haven’t found it yet, coaching may be for you!

Because I want you to be sure that coaching is the tool you need, I keep some free space in my diary to meet with anyone who is considering coaching but needs to confirm it for themselves. You can book one of these sessions with me by clicking here. Sessions are 45 minutes long on Skype or in person.

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