mountain climbing without arms

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6 years ago I took a leap of faith and followed my heart’s longing to be back at the sea. I drove my young daughter, cats and dogs over 1000km from Johannesburg to Port Alfred. We moved into a rented house we had never seen before and the first day my courageous girlie set foot in her new school was her first day as a pupil.

It was considered such an outrageous move that I was told attempting to be a successful international coach from a village at the bottom of Africa was akin to attempting to climb a mountain with no arms!

“It is possible to succeed at your chosen profession from where you are, in much the same way that you could possibly succeed in climbing a mountain without arms.”

Six years on, this is the view from my home office. crAzy™ always wins (Pty) Ltd is a busy coaching business that allows me to change the world, client by client, every day. It is no Forbes listed consulting firm and I am no Tony Robbins. What we are is a steady, consistent  force that provides high-quality coaching and consulting to a selection of clients who, thanks to the services we provide are in a position to offer  the highest possible version of themselves, their businesses and their services out there in the world.

Moreover, thanks to this crAzy™ move, I have found my soul mate, our micro family of 2 has become the #partyof5 and I have a lifestyle that many people only dream of; my time is my own, I am physically, mentally & emotionally available to my children and partner and I am fulfilled in the work I do because I can see my legacy living out there inside my clients lives & businesses.

To those who said it couldn’t be done, I say “watch me!”

To all of you who have a dream, big or small I say remember this…. crAzy™ ALWAYS wins!

In fact, if you want to win at this life, you must be a little crAzy™….. crAzy™ enough to trust yourself, crAzy™ enough to do it your way, crAzy™ enough not to give up even when it’s tough, crAzy™ enough to be unique in a world of production line copies.

If you want a little bit of crAzy™ come and chat to me about coaching or mentoring and let me help you climb that mountain, arms or no arms! Book a free introductory session and get your journey started today!

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