this February give your relationship a Makeover!

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Does your relationship need a power boost?

Do you long for the sense of connection that you used to have?

Despite knowing you love each other, does it sometimes feel like you are missing each other emotionally?

Do you both feel heard when you communicate, do you feel ‘gotten’?

When last did you and your partner share your deep desires for your lives with each other? What happened to that common dream you used to have?

Do you have a financial plan for your lives together or is money one of the no-go topics these days?

Maybe your relationship is in a ‘comfort zone’; it works fine, no problems, everyone gets along yet somewhere inside you is the awareness that it could be something more…….

The realities of day-to-day living take their toll on even the strongest and most solid relationships. The heady romance soon wears off in the face of job pressures, financial worries, dirty nappies and sleepless nights. Relationship expert Dr. Gottman observed that couples wait an average of 6 years in an uncomfortable relationship before seeking an intervention. The old adage “A stitch in time saves nine” is true in relationships; the longer discomfort continues the more difficult it is to find your way back to one another again.

This February, give your relationship the best Valentine’s Gift possible:



This 90 minute relationship coaching session will remind you of the reasons you fell in love in the first place and reawaken the desire and drive to create a shared dream. By the end of the session your relationship will feel renewed, purposeful and powerfully capable of withstanding the pressures of life and living.

The Legend of “Us”: The stories we tell ourselves have power; uncover your unique “Legend of ‘Us’”

Loved Up: Discover your personal loving style and how to communicate love so that your partner fully receives it.

Fight Fair: Learn communication techniques for tough conversations that ensure you both feel heard & loved at all times.

The Dream: A couple with a shared purpose always has something to hold them together. This session invites you to consider the purpose you choose to use your relationship to fulfil into the future.

BONUS EXTRA: Keep up the good relationship work with FREE lifetime access to my online course Boost Your Self-Worth, Get Respect by Having Good Boundaries worth $99 when you complete the Relationship Makeover.

Sessions are held online at a previously agreed time. Complete the booking form below to schedule Your RELATIONSHIP MAKEOVER (don’t wait another year!)

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