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Reinventing Me!

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The 1st of February is the feast day of St Brigid. As a child growing up in Ireland, this day was celebrated and marked with the weaving of St Brigid’s crosses. In pagan tradition St Brigid’s day is celebrated as the fire festival of Imbolc, a Celtic word meaning “in the belly”, symbolising new life and fertility. Mid-way between the winter solstice and the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere today is a day to usher in new beginnings and to set the energy for the coming spring time.

For me this is a day to take stock after the busyness of the past month and take a moment to check my progress on the theme I have set for myself for 2016.

Life has a way of tricking us into believing that what we have always done, or who we have always been is set, a permanent state which we inhabit in perpetuity. It is easier to continue in this state of inertia than to change things up; our lives are predictable, manageable and familiar, safe.

What if it is possible, at any point to choose to show up in the world in a different way?

Maybe you are bored with your wardrobe, uninspired by your exercise routine. Perhaps the conversations in your friendship circle are mundane or your job is slowly killing your soul. Alternatively, you may have become so involved in taking care of your family, raising children, putting food on the table that you have lost yourself in the process; the person staring back at you in the mirror is a stranger.

For just over two and a half years the focus of my life has been building a new relationship and successfully blending two families. Relationships take time to develop and the practical routines for day-to-day living are ironed out by trial and error so this was never going to be an over-night exercise. It has been a wonderful time in my life; I have loved exploring my new roles, investing in the relationships and have thoroughly enjoyed building systems which create ease and flow in our schedules. It has been my complete focus and today, our family feels settled. While we will always have challenges, we are now a strong, cohesive happy bunch who can face whatever the world asks of us, together. We are ready to step up to the next phase of blended family life.

It is natural then, at this point to find myself wondering about me…..

I know I am not the same person I was two and a half years ago, so who am I?

Who do I want to be in the next phase?

How do I want to deliver my chosen legAcy to the world going forward?

Thus my theme for the year;  “Reinventing Me!”

O what excitement!!! Suddenly I am free to throw out an entire closet and change my look! I could modify the way I work, the people I work with, the kind of work I do, the thoughts I have, the attitudes I hold, interrogate my embedded belief systems. I could re-sculpt my body, expand my brain, or not.  I might renegotiate friendships, make new connections or give up stale relationships that are no longer adding value. I get to keep the things I love, take on new things, modify others, or toss them completely.

Since the theme runs for a whole year I could try out a version of me for a while and see how it fits, changing it or tweaking it until, by the end of the year I am a consciously self-created version of me powerfully delivering my chosen legAcy to the world.

What if this is available to you too?

Consider…Who could you be if you believed it was possible to reinvent yourself?

Much Love,

Tania written

PS: Setting a theme for your year is the most powerful way I know of to ensure that you keep showing up as your best self all year long and get the results you want! So, TOSS those New Year’s Resolutions and book a session with me to uncover the right theme for your next 12 months. Email me: Tania@taniamdams.com (Group sessions also available for 2 or more persons)

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