3 reasons online coaching is better

Within the context of the online world, your choice of coach is no longer limited to someone who is in your locale. Skype and other online meeting software has made it possible for busy leaders and executives to fit in a 60 minute coaching session in their environment with the coach of their choice, from anywhere in the world.

This way of accessing coaching creates additional benefits for the client, not directly related to coaching.

  1. More coaches to choose from

When coaching is limited to face-to-face and in person, the pool of coaches to choose from is necessarily limited to those within reasonable travelling distance of the client, whether the coach travels to you or vice versa. This means that you may not be able to access the coach most suited to the needs of your coaching relationship.  Coaching over Skype, Google Hangouts or any of the other online meeting platforms allows you to choose from a far larger pool of coaches and thereby increase the likelihood of finding a perfect coach match for you.

  1. Greater time efficiency

In many major centres travel between offices takes a minimum of an hour. This effectively means that for a 60 minute coaching session you will have used 3 hours of office time. Alternatively, if a coach travels to you, they may charge for the travel time. Online meetings allow for instant transition between meetings for both you and the coach. As a result, online meetings tend to begin on time and end within the agreed duration.  Online meetings are purposeful in nature and there is less temptation to delay the start of a meeting with chit chat.

  1. Environmental control

Many of the executives that I have coached online have the flexibility to have their session wherever they choose to. Some work from home, others from their office and still others have sat outside in the park for their session. The powerful impact of this cannot be underestimated. To begin with, environments can determine the success or otherwise of a coaching session; a noisy and distracting environment for will hinder the coaching process. Secondly, a coaching relationship involves meetings at regular intervals; missing these meetings, certainly in the early stages of coaching, delays the work of the coaching and slows progress. Online coaching allows for either the coach or you, the client, to incorporate the coaching sessions into any work-related travel that needs to take place without losing the benefit of either.

Online meeting platforms have added enormous value to the coaching profession, both for clients and coaches. It is for this reason that my preferred method of coaching is via online meeting platforms or over the telephone.

If you are interested in exploring the options for coaching via technology drop me a line with your contact details and we can set up a free, no obligations initial session to determine whether coaching with me is for you.  Contact Tania here

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