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Hi, I'm Tania

I’m a successful corporate business woman and single Mom turned Life & Business Coach to Women Entrepreneurs & Executives

My passion is working with women like you to create the life and business or career that you dream of and create a legacy that you are proud of.

My coaching business grew out of a deep desire to grow others and the dream of a lifestyle that I had control over both as a Mom and a business person. I left a successful corporate career in motor retail to become a Life & Business Coach changing the fortunes of amazing clients like you while living in a picturesque coastal village in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

I help women to activate their highest potential in the multiple roles they fulfil in life; mom, business person, life partner and friend.

Are you ready to level it up?

In my coaching business I have worked with fabulous clients all over the world from my base in a little village at the bottom of Africa. Thanks to this coaching business, I have been able to travel overseas with my daughter and even put her through private schooling as a single mom. It is an amazing feeling to achieve what so many critics said was not possible. Today I am also a step-mom to two beautiful little children and am in a relationship with the man of my dreams. Recently we moved into a beautiful large new home overlooking the ocean. My journey has been the stuff of fairy tales.

Of course none of this fell into my lap. In order to achieve this lifestyle I had to do some serious work on myself. My old belief systems would never have allowed the results I have today. Self-help books are a huge industry because they make an unfulfillable promise; the kind of work that is required to achieve big results cannot be done as a #selfie.

I invested in (and continue to invest in) coaches and mentors. I also enrolled for an accredited coaching qualification and through the training process shifted my mind-set to the correct place to achieve the results I have now. I continue to work on my own self-development, belief systems and mind-sets through investments in reading, coaching and advanced training.

Because it is impossible to divorce our innerselves from our business, relationships or family life, I combine my strong business acumen, deep intuition and expert coaching skills to help you create the internal shifts that will take your life & business or career to the next level.

I help women like you activate their full potential and achieve success in the many roles they hold.

Are you ready to level it up?


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1 to 1 Coaching

Individual 1 to 1 coaching is sought by leaders, business people, executives and entrepreneurs who wish to increase their levels of effectiveness by achieving personal mastery over their thoughts, behaviours and unconscious drivers. The process impacts your consciousness, not just the surface layer of behaviour which results in an organic shift taking place inside you that sustains the progress and achievements made, long into the future.

In just 90 days you will experience significant changes in your business and life. In addition to specific goal attainment, coachees report acquiring the experience of having more free time, reduced stress and anxiety, higher levels of creativity , innovation and personal expression, healthier relationships, achieving work/life balance and increased energy.

The gold thread that runs through all my coaching is the principal of living from a chosen legAcy™.  To that end, in addition to all of the other work that takes place during the coaching process each coachee will conclude the coaching process with a clearly defined personal legAcy™ statement that provides the start of a powerful and meaningful map for life.



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Group/Team Coaching

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Global coverage

Based in South Africa, I am privileged to work with clients all over the world. Thanks to technology I can help you grow your business and create the success you deserve wherever you find yourself. Coaching is conducted via Skype or telephone with email contact in between sessions if needed.

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What our clients say

My confidence has soared since my coaching began with Tania. It’s the hardest thing to face one’s insecurities and Tania gently guided me through this process, for which I shall be forever grateful. From a business perspective, I’ve been able to grow myself, while suffering far less stress from life’s inevitable ‘slights and curve balls’, and assist my staff with investigating their own potential in a non-judgmental manner. The result of my coaching is that I am more motivated and excited and now know, that it is only my own thoughts that were holding me back from reaching my full potential. I would definitely recommend coaching with Tania.

Helen Purdon Owner@Harcourts Port Alfred

Coaching with Tania really helped me deal with various issues that were holding me back in my life and career. While the process of change was difficult at times, Tania provided support throughout and her valuable insight helped me address causes of stress and anxiety.  I can highly recommend coaching with Tania if you value personal development and want to achieve your maximum potential in all areas of life.

Kerry-Lee Pienaar Associate@Sphere Holdings

Tania’s Individual 1 to 1  Coaching was practical, relevant and meaningful. She provides you with the tools to cope with a difficult situation and allows you to see things from a different perspective. Tania is organized, efficient and conducts herself in a professional manner at all times.

Lyndsay MacDougall Marketing Manager@Incredible Connection

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